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Please browse through the following questions and if they don't provide the answers required please Contact Us.

Q: Can I ensure my freight?
Please note that Trucks on Demand is not a common Carrier and all insurance must be organised by the Sender or their Agents If you request Trucks on Demand to organise Insurance, we simply organise as a Service to the Sender, but carry no Obligation or Interest

Q: Do you provide proof of delivery?
When booking the freight movement, just note in Extra Information the POD request and we will provide on completion

Q: Who do I contact for proof of delivery?
When you have booked the job,we will give you the name and contact phone number of your operations person. They will be your contact for your proof of delivery.

Q: What are the delivery times around Australia?
Depends of course on the distances travelled by your freight consignment. If you ask when you book the freight movement, we will give you and indication.

Q: How soon can you pick up?
As soon as you put through the order, we will arrange pickup ASAP

Q: Do you move furniture?
We do not move assembled furniture . We can do Flat Pack furniture, but we have a strict Rule, that we don't do Hand Unloads.
We are very happy to put you in contact with a couple of furniture movers

Q: Do you do Dangerous Goods?
As a general rule we don't move dangerous goods. We are happy to put you in touch with transport companies that specialise in Dangerous Goods.

Q: Do you move Over-Dimensional items?
When booking the freight movement, just note in Extra Information, all relevent dimensions and we will come back to you with all the options available.

Q: What if I am not happy with the service?
Please see our Guarantee for more information